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Water Features

For relaxing, swimming or providing a focus, water features are a great addition to any garden.

calm, serene and peaceful

Water is a wonderful addition to your garden whether you introduce a formal fountain, pond, pool or sculptural water feature.The sound of running water adds a peaceful feel to your garden and helps to give your space an added dimension.

We have extensive experience in installing a wide variety of aquatic displays and ponds and can advise you on the correct filtration, planting and wildlife to ensure a healthy and stable water environment.

Water design features

Contemporary water feature cascades, waterfalls, pebble pools, fountains and jets can be a focal point for a modern garden providing a dynamic visual and sensory display.

Water for wildlife

Ponds are one of the best ways to encourage wildlife into your garden. A natural pond can be built to any size to reflect your space and budget but even a simple wooden tub lined and filled with water can bring frogs, newts, dragonflies and birds flocking. Larger ponds can incorporate complex filter systems providing suitable water quality for keeping a wide array of beautiful fish such as Golden Orfe, Rudd, Roach and the popular Koi Carp.

As well as static ponds we can create natural looking cascades, waterfalls and streams using stones, ornamental water plants and a powered circulation system to create movement and flow.

Swimming pools and hot tubs

Outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs can be included in your garden design with specialist decking or non-slip paving surrounds, or why not choose to include a ‘Swimming pond’? Somewhere between ponds and pools in style and appearance, these stunning water features are kept clean naturally without chemicals and can be used for swimming and summer leisure. Plant selection is very important to achieve the right balance and water quality. Swimming in a naturalistic pond or an artificial but natural looking swimming pond is an unforgettable experience.