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Lawns are a cost effective way to create a beautiful, useful outdoor space.

Freshly cut grass

Lawns can be a cost-effective way to give your home a large, usable, outdoor space and bring in some nice bright colour. We can advise on the best type of grass to choose depending on intended use, soil type and terrain, climate and budget. Our professional team can then seed or turf your garden, preparing the ground to ensure a lush, healthy, great-looking lawn.

Turf and grass seed can be purchased in a variety of different blends. Some blends are designed for hard-wearing lawns that will have heavy foot traffic, while some can be mixed for special environments where light maybe an issue or even for gardens near the sea where the salty air may kill a standard lawn.

Once the lawn has been laid, or the seed has germinated, we’ll advise on the aftercare and maintenance of your lawn. It’s important to use the correct fertilisers to help grass develop deep and healthy roots and implement a cutting schedule as the lawn matures to guarantee good, long-lasting results.