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Tropical Gardens

Make every day feel like a holiday with your own garden paradise.

Creating an urban oasis

Dorset gardens are the perfect place to recreate a tropical paradise. Ideal for smaller spaces, Tropical style gardens use decking, screens and pot plants to create a magical oasis. Bold foliage and showy, brightly coloured flowers with raised boardwalks through the ‘jungle’ to a hidden treasure such as a water feature, sculpture or seating area add to the charm.

The Dorset climate is fairly mild and we can establish a gorgeously tropical effect by carefully selecting robust exotic planting including Draceana and other palms, Musa (Banana), CannaBrugmansia (Angel trumpets), Paulownia (Foxglove tree), Costus and Hedychium (Ginger plants), Arundo and other sedges, bamboos, ferns and Acer (Japanese Maple).