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Turning problems into opportunities

Transforming a steep slope and boggy ground into a beautiful, useable garden.

The Brief

This challenging garden included a steep slope leading down to an area of boggy ground. The client wanted to create a useable garden area that allowed them to enjoy outdoor living and the gorgeous views of the countryside beyond the garden.

The design

Our design worked cleverly with the landscape turning problems into opportunities – the boggy ground was the result of a natural spring. By creating a channel lined with pebbles the water was trained into an attractive stream along the bottom of the garden, improving drainage and making this area of the garden accessible again.

The steep slope was terraced with curving profiles to each stage reflecting the natural lines of the fields and countryside. The structural retaining walls ran alongside a Balau wood deck for a natural look and feel.


Work in Progress

The first thing to be put in place was the main retaining wall to create the terracing and make the garden into a useable space. Pulling footings on a curve on a slope was not the easiest challenge, especially during the winter months when the ground was boggy.

We were lucky that the farmer next door allowed us to use his field for access making the task somewhat easier!

Second stage was the construction of the raised decking and steps down to the summer house, you can see from the images that this was quite a large task, and due to the nature of the land (mostly clay) the post work all had to be augered in using our micro-digger.

Final stages included turning the bog into a beautiful pebble stream and turfing out the top level.

The End Result

Splitting the garden into three levels created versatile space for entertaining and relaxing and transformed an awkward outdoor landscape into a valuable, enjoyable garden.


“We want to say a vey big! thank you for all your hard work and the fantastic job you have done.”