At Dorset Design & Build, we often undertake more intimate projects within our local area. In some regards the more intimate spaces can be challenging. Every component has to work harder than larger scale projects as space is precious and valuable.

We have recently completed a garden design for a local project that is now moving though the construction phases.

The house was part of a new development, and as such had a fairly standardised layout of lawn and decking. Our clients were keen to transform the space into a more elaborate garden. The site also presented other issues as it was situated next to apartment buildings. Storage was another consideration to maintain the garden after construction.

We created a design to make a good use of the space whilst providing the required screening to increase privacy within the garden. The client had requested that we use the existing decking as to reduce overall costs and spend money elsewhere in the garden.

Firstly we wanted to maximise the amount of available planting space within the garden. To do this, we kept an ample amount of decking outside the rear doors and then created two small boardwalks leading to other areas of the garden. This allowed the negative space to become planting framing the new L shaped boardwalk.

Next we wanted to create two areas within the garden, one designed for full sun to the east and a secondary shade space to the north. For the full sun area, we designed a small area with porcelain paving. The clients were keen on the idea of running water within the garden, so to accommodate this we designed stepping stones leading to the space over a pool of running water. In turn this connected the boardwalk to the platform.

The shaded area sits on decking adjacent to the return of the house. This small pocket allows for a pergola structure to be erected and have climbing plants trained upward to provide shade and fragrance. Different spacial qualities within a garden are important within a garden to break up the spaces, and give a purpose for each seating space.

To address the privacy issue within the garden, we proposed a pleached tree hedge to surround the site. We selected Photinia trees due to their evergreen leaves and seasonal foliage and flowers.

Storage was another important consideration for bikes and maintenance equipment. The client was keen on having them staggered as to make them look less harsh and more interesting. We also specified a sedum roof to soften their overall appearance.

The project has just started the construction phases. We look forward to seeing this garden come to life.