Poole garden project

The client for this Poole garden project had a large unused space within their plot. The space was unused as it was on a gradient and therefore felt detached from the rest of the land. However, the space had the potential to be a feature within the garden. We took on the challenge to create a two-tiered composite decking structure. This would need to naturally adjust to the contours of the land, creating two distinctive platforms.

Raised timber outdoor living space

The first challenge we had to address was to make the levels on site work. We also needed to create safe and comfortable access to the upper levels. To resolve this issue we introduced a staircase to run flush to the existing curved wall. We made the best use of the available space by adding in some clever storage underneath for garden supplies.

We then created a boardwalk featuring planting around the outside to soften the edges of the decking. The boardwalk takes you to the first platform which looks onto our clients garden and is designed to be a comfortable ‘tea or coffee’ space.

The second flight of stairs leads to a large platform featuring perimeter planting. This space is the main destination and is an inward looking social space aimed at family dining. We constructed the retaining walls using using oak sleepers to create bedded sections on the retained surface. Nautical stanchions act as an atmospheric balustrade to tie the design to its location.


We introduced areas of planting near the boundaries to increase privacy and reduce the visibility and give the feeling of enclosure and create more intimate and personable spaces. All of the plants used are low maintenance plants with a variety of characteristics. We took existing planting into accord when planning this garden. From this, we mirrored select low maintenance species to link the upper and lower areas of the garden.

The model itself is not reflective of the plant species we are intending to use. However the modelling process is useful in working out the sites spacial arrangement and how the plants screen areas and affect the light conditions.

We articulated this design to our client using plan, section and 3D visualisations resulting in the job being pushed into the construction phase.
Poole Garden Project - Raised timber outdoor living space