Modern courtyard garden

Modern Courtyard Garden designed and landscaped in Dorset

The Brief…

Our clients had a very small garden which was quite private and had some distant silver birch in the back ground.  Despite the size, they had quite a few elements they wanted incorporated in a new design… a couple of seating areas, possible area for a bench, a pergola, a place for the bins to be out of sight, a Water Feature, lights and a place to show off a sculpture!

They wanted the new garden to fit comfortably with the house, be modern, quite formal and low maintenance. No lawn, but with enough area for some planting in a more formal style to offer year round interest and some height.

The Design…

Modern Courtyard Garden designed and landscaped in Dorset

We felt a modern cottage style would work well and based the design around Octagons giving a fairly formal approach to the design. The two octagons of paving and decking link in nicely to the central octagon focal point.  We placed the Water Feature in front of the lounge windows for maximum impact, the feature itself was an amazing remote controlled unit which has 3 jumping water jets, 15 pre-sets and light changing options.

As you travel around the focal point on the Cotswold gravel path one path takes you out of the back gate, and the other around to the bin area. Above the walk way is the pergola and an area for a bench to look back at the garden.  To light the garden we designed LED lighting to be installed around the HardWood deck and strategically installed uplighters in the borders to light up the plants.

The Job…

We started with the groundwork, stripping the site of turf and then set the site out for digging off. We always have a laptop with us on site so we can use CAD to query the original design for exact dimensions for each element of the garden.  We then set to the digging off of the site with our Micro Digger and Dumper.

For the paving areas we take out 175mm in depth – This means we take out 325mm from DPC of the house leaving a finished level of 150mm down from DPC which meets building regulations.   We then put in the Type 1 100mm deep and the decking area is at DPC / Internal Floor level this is allowed as long as the joist work that goes against the house (the Ledger) is  kept  10mm off the house this is achieved by using 10mm rubber washers. The gravel areas are dug out slightly less as we only need 50mm coverage of gravel.  During this stage we also ran the cables for the lighting and the water feature.

Before we start to pave and deck we installed the Pergola, the posts are set in concrete 3 foot into the ground making sure they are structurally sound. We then set about paving the area; the paving is set at 45 degrees giving the garden an extra dimension of movement. We then put in the sandstone setts and the central features and in-filled the path with Cotswold gravel.

Final stages were to install the water feature, construct the Hard wood Balu decking complete with it’s LED lighting and complete the planting.

Landscaped garden