Our weekly round-up of the projects we’ve been working on and what the team have been doing.

This week we have been continuing our work on the garden redesign at the Maple Lodge care home facility in Poole, Dorset.

curved wall

maple lodge garden redesign

poole care home garden landscaping project

new patio poole care home

curved wall and patio installation care home garden dorset

care home garden redesign poole dorset

new pergola maple lodge care home

pergola roof interior dorset

maple lodge care home poole

poole care home garden renovation

We also finished our other garden redesign which included restoring the patio and constructing a new garden pergola.

new garden pergola dorset

garden patio restoration dorset

restoring an old patio dorset

We also started work on a new landscaping project.

garden landscaping dorset

dorset landscaping services