Country pad garden designed and landscaped in Dorset

Country pad garden designed and landscaped in Dorset

The Brief….

On this occasion our client was a dear family friend and when she heard we were designing and building gardens for a living she invited us over to see what could be done with her large outdoor space.

Bridget wanted more space to entertain, and as the back garden is South facing we wanted to maximise where the sun would fall at different times in the day. This allowed us to focus on one area close to the house, plus another space further down the garden to make sure there would be a nice area to sit with a glass of wine of an evening.  .

The garden was a very open space, and it was important for us to retain this whilst ensuring the garden would sit comfortably with the house and its landscape.

There were additional requirements for a composting and vegetable area.

The Design…..

We wanted to bring the landscape into the garden, so to help achieve this we proposed cutting down a number of trees along the back boundary giving the impression that the fields beyond were part of the garden.  The overall concept is a free flowing design based on a fern as it starts to open up.

Garden design Dorset

The main paving area wraps around the house as two interlinking circles, we then have a Purbeck stone wall holding back the planting areas – we chose to use Purbeck Stone close to the house as the house was not only called Purbeck House, but was built from Purbeck Stone!  Off the main paving area is a Cotswold Gravel path leading you to a round softwood deck. As you walk along the path there is Purbeck Stone walling on your left which changes into Soft Sleepers. These sleepers rise up and around the decking and down into the ground.  The sleepers follow the contours of the ground but with a more sympathetic  flow. We have an additional path leading off the other path onto the drive, this path is Metal Edged and is made up of Cotswold Gravel.

Raised Vegetable beds were created around the side of the garden and the Compost area was built at the back of the garden out of sight.

We also completed the front garden which had to compliment the back garden

Front garden landscaping Dorset

The Job…

As soon as we started the groundwork on this job we hit a major issue – the down pipes coming off the back of the house were just going into the ground.  This was a serious problem and we had to come up with a solution. We could have run new drainage into a soakaway but after doing a test dig and a precipitation test we concluded that we would need a soakaway which was 10m3, very big and very costly! Instead we came up with a cunning plan to run the guttering from the back to the front and let the storm water go through a proper solution in the front.

After the normal ground work was completed (dig out 175mm, put back in 100mm type 1 allowing for 75mm of Limestone Paving and Mortar) we paved the main terrace and build the Purbeck Stone wall, rendered the concrete wall, put in pebbles in between the paving and the wall, and then the paving was pointed.

We then did the dig out for the decking, paths and trenches for the sleepers, putting down type 1 to keep the areas free of mud in case it rained.  Each sleeper was positioned and calculate using CAD so that the finished result follows a perfect curve.  We installed the sleepers with Steel Banding and concreted them into the ground.  After this was completed the sub structure for the deck was and installed and then we installed the decking.  All the borders were prepared to 300mm and new soil was added over the whole site.

There was a vegetable area right in the middle of the lawn and so this had to be re-turfed.

The  Verdict…

I knew Peter personally as his family used to live in the village so I was happy to approach him to do my garden. However I never dreamt that he would come up with such a fantastic design. It has transformed my very large, but previously uninteresting garden.

Tom and Peter work really well as a team, they turn up promptly, work very hard, take few breaks, clear up at the end of each day and were very good at involving me in decisions when necessary.

I absolutely love the end product and if you live anywhere near Buckland Newton and would like to pop over and see what they have done, I would be more than happy.

Mrs H