Charity starts at home and as a business we like to support our local community whenever possible. Access Dorset is a user led organisation and registered charity, run by disabled people, older people and carers. They work to remove barriers to inclusion.

Access Dorset are currently working with a group of young people with Autism and Aspergers to develop an accessible courtyard garden at The Bridge, Littledown Centre. When finished it will be enjoyed by hundreds of disabled and older people in the community. They have very ambitious plans for the courtyard including a pond, a sensory pergola, living wall, raised beds etc

Garden Decking

We donated some surplus decking material for this garden design project in Bournemouth and received the following comment from the charity.

“We’ve got the decking back here safely and it’s absolutely fantastic. I didn’t appreciate that it was composite, which is ideal and it looks beautiful.”

Jonathan Waddington-Jone
Chief Executive, Access Dorset and DOTS Disability C.I.C.